Leaf Protection Systems

At Richards’ Seamless Gutter, we offer a number of leaf protection systems. These systems are designed to keep leaves and large debris out of your gutter system to prevent clogs. While this doesn’t eliminate gutter cleaning because of the dirt and small debris that can make its way from the roof into the gutter system, it reduces it. By reducing clogs, you can have a regular maintenance schedule and not worry about clogs causing water to spill over your gutters where it can pool around your foundation.

If you would like to stop clogs from leaves in their tracks, we can install a leaf protection system that is right for you and your budget. As a reputable southern Minnesota gutter company, we want your gutters to last as long as possible and leaf protection systems are a way.

Top-Of-The-Line Leaf Protection

At Richards’ Seamless Gutter Inc., one of our leaf protection offerings is Leaf Sentry. We believe in offering only top-of-the-line products and this is one of them. We have three different covers in

different price ranges so you can have the leaf protection you want at a price that’s comfortable for you.
What’s more is that Leaf Sentry comes with a lifetime no-clog warranty. In other words, leaves are not going to get through the system to cause clogs. If leaves do get through because of a defect, then you are protected by the warranty.

Striving For Optimal Gutter Performance

By having us install a leaf protection system, you are ensuring that your gutters perform at the highest level. We are all about this being the case. While we enjoy installing and repairing gutters, we want our customers to have an excellent experience with the product. Leaf protection systems are a way to do that, although the gutters that we install are made from the highest quality materials and fabricated on-site to perform well on their own. However, gutters that are not protected from leaves will clog if there are trees nearby. A small investment can make sure you don’t have to deal with that frustration.

Contact A Southern Minnesota Gutter Company

Leaf protection systems are great tools for keeping leaves out of your gutters so they work the way they are meant to. If you are having issues with leaves clogging your gutters, leaf protection systems will reduce the amount of maintenance that you need and will keep your gutters draining the way they were designed to drain. To learn more about our leaf protection systems, call us at 507-345-7070 or toll-free at 800-944-3466 to request a free estimate.